High-Pressure Laminate

Scientific Environments Inc., will provide and install custom fabricated Laminate Countertops using a selection of different substrates such as standard industrial grade particle board, MDF, Formaldehyde free MDF, moisture resistant MDF and finally plywood. Laminate selections are available in standard laminates and chemical resistant laminates from a full range of Wilsonart Colors. 

Epoxy Resin

Scientific Environments will provide and install for your project ¾” , 1″, or 1 1/4″ thick epoxy resin countertops for extreme chemical resistance. Epoxy resin is now available in many different colors. Please call for color pallets and sink sizes for your specific project.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin countertops give you another option between laminate and epoxy countertops. Phenolic resin tops have different properties that give you advantages over epoxy or laminate tops in certain applications. Please contact us for more information.

Stainless Steel

Scientific Environments will provide and install stainless steel countertops in either the standard 304 finish or if a higher degree of chemical resistance is needed we also provide a 316 finish. Unless otherwise specified the countertops will be fabricated from 16ga material but thicker materials are available if needed. All countertops are field verified and custom fit to the specific size and configuration of your room.

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