It all starts with trust.

Our detailed drawings, state-of-the-art software and experienced engineering staff will provide the coordination you need to have an efficient and successful project.

Scientific Environments Inc. is a full service lab contractor in the Western United States.


We are the exclusive dealer for products from Pacific Cabinets Inc., Air Master Systems,

Sheldon Laboratories and Diversified Woodcrafts Casework. In addition to these exclusive manufactures, we also have multiple nationally recognized vendors such as Steris, Water Saver, and Durcon, just to name a few.


Quality manufacturers, our experienced staff, and a large bonding capacity, we can supply and install lab equipment and furniture for your small one-room projects or large multi-floor projects.


If you need drawings, layout, installation and project management, we have it. We understand that you need quality products, sequencing, and most of all, coordination. By aligning with quality companies we can assure you that we strive to achieve all angles of a successful project.

It all starts with trust. Let us prove to you what we can do.


Our estimating staff, along with our project managers, can give you accurate budget numbers and value engineering to bring your project in budget, while still providing a quality project.

Project Management

We have a knowledgeable team of more than 40 employees, with some having 30 years of experience.


Our experience will be an asset to you from value engineering to the installation. In addition, our team adds value to the product quality by paying special attention to detail. From scribing a cabinet to the wall to the way products are handled coming off the truck, we make sure the product produced in the plant looks as good on the site as it did when it left.

Exclusive Products

Scientific Environments Inc., is the exclusive manufacturers for products from Pacific Cabinets Inc., Air MasterSystems, 

Sheldon Laboratories,

and Diversified Woodcrafts Casework.

In addition to these exclusive dealers, we also have multiple nationally recognized vendors such as Steris, WaterSaver, and Durcon, Inc., just to name a few. These manufacturers are leaders in the industry and allow us to provide you with the highest quality products.

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